Painted Design Scarf -(Sustainable Fabric - (2 Colours)

Painted Design Scarf -(Sustainable Fabric - (2 Colours)

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Environmentally Friendly, Fashionable, FRAAS! Try this cozy recycled polyester scarf as a casual loop around your neck, tucked in like an infinity-scarf, or just draped over your shoulders to show the pattern. Made in Germany, this is a winter accessory to update for your outdoor outfit with the bold colours and versatile graphic pattern. The fibres woven in this scarf are reclaimed from recycled plastic bottles and brushed to perfection making it cozy, warm, and sustainable. As of Fall 2021, FRAAS is pledging to offset the small, yet unavoidable, emissions of all Sustainability Edition accessories through an international climate protection project with Climate Partner. Good for you. Good for the Planet!

  • Magenta, painted circles
  • 100% recycled polyester
  • Made in Germany 


  • 34 x 200 cm | 13 x 79 inches