The Turband Trend: Have You Tried It?

Tons of celebs are rocking the turbans trend, and it leaves us questioning if this trend is something we can adopt or not. 
If the traditional turban is a little too hot to trot, I suggest trying the headband hybrid: the TURBAND. 
 If you're a little timid and want to just taste the trend without going full course, opt for a solid colour and clean style. 
If you're feeling a little more daring, opt for a more embellished one or designer inspired Gucci or Chanel. 
 So how do you wear your hair with the turband trend? You can leave your hair down with a little bit of wave or keep it straight. The choice is yours.
Try a middle part for starters. If you're used to a side part, that's a-okay. Ultimately you're just placing the band on top of the hair. You don't necessarily need to push all the hair away from your face.
You can also rock a low bun with a side part for a little extra chicness. 
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