Care & Repair


The pieces on our shop site vary from brass, 925 silver, silver plated, rhodium plated, gold plated, 14 k gold plating, rose gold plating, and other synthetic materials, as well as semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystal, and pearls that range from freshwater to synthetic.

As the pieces on our shop site are costume/fashion jewelry, we'd like to suggest that the following care instructions to prolong the life of your purchase: 

Remove your rings before applying hand sanitizer. 

Do not immerse these pieces in any liquid. Try to avoid wearing rings when washing your hands. Do not immerse in water. 

Don't wear your accessories in salt water. If you do, know that this may cause your accessories to darken.

Do not spray on perfume when wearing these pieces. If you have sprayed on perfume, wait for it to totally dry before putting on your accessories.

Some people who are known to be acidic cause metallic accessories to oxidize/darken. If one is acidic in body chemistry, please do not wear your accessories against bare skin or expose the pieces to sweat.


After wearing the pieces, wipe them with a soft flannel cloth before putting them away.

Store individual pieces separately to prevent them from scratching one another.

Minor tarnish can be buffed off with a jewelry polishing cloth or a mild jewelry cleaner, but cleaning heavy tarnish may also remove some of the gold or silver plating on the piece so go easy on the buffing.

At the end of the day, know that only real solid gold that's 14 karat and above & platinum do not tarnish. Even sterling silver oxidizes/tarnishes over time particularly if it is not worn often. 

Please bear all these in mind when purchasing and caring for your jewelry as following these guidelines will help maintain the look of your pieces when you first wore them for as long as possible.


Keep in mind that jewellery is by nature a delicate creation. Please handle with care. In some cases we may be able to repair jewellery you purchased on our site or in store depending on the piece and scenario. This is left up to our discretion and the nature of the piece. There is no guarantee and we are under no obligation to do so as the pieces on our site or in store do not come with a warranty. 

Please note that charges may apply. If you purchased an item online or in store that requires repair, please take a picture of it and send the picture to us by email along with an explanation of the case. 

Please send your repair inquiry to with the subject heading REPAIR INQUIRY.

Please allow up to 48 hours for one of our associates to contact you.