Do Scrunchies Make You Want to Scrunch?

It's 6:30 am, you need to scramble yourself together and look somewhat presentable by society standards. You look in the mirror for half a second and realize it has been two days since you washed your hair. No time to think, you grab a scrunchie and tie your mane back, thankful to know that trusted little stretchy piece of fabric has saved the day.
I personally love to wear my scrunchie even when my hair is all fresh and done. Sometimes I just don't want it whipping around my face. The feeling of my hair tied back in an easy 1, 2, 3 makes me feel like I've got things under control, and I tend to get my work done more efficiently. Crazy but true. 
Thanks to the current state of fashion law, scrunchies are not taboo. In fact they've taken a forefront in the style game so many of us play whether by choice or habit. In many different fabrics and prints, with intricate details and trims, they have become a staple in every fashionista's closet. 
What women love about them most is the practically of sporting them around their wrist as an elastic bracelet, handy and ready when needed. 
My suggestion to start scrunching is to begin with a basic colour like black or grey so that you can start to wear it whenever you please without having to think about whether or not it matches your ensemble. Next round, try something a little more eccentric like a floral, leopard, or star print. This way you can start to build a styled collection of scrunchies, ready to pull for any outfit. 
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