Seasonal Swap - How To Easily Transition Your Closet From Summer to Fall/Winter

So here you are, it's September, in the wake of the world's biggest and unforeseen pandemic. If you live in a season-changing country like Canada, the last days of Summer have slowly crept up and you're starting to feel those infamous cool Fall breezes.
You now stand at the door of your closet, put your head down, and brace yourself  for the most daunting task of the year: the Summer to Fall/Winter switch up. Take a deep breath as I'm about to give you some tips to make your closet-transition experience a good one. 
1. 20/80 Rule
So this is the time where our frustrations with Mother Nature come to life as we can literally go from a sunny hot day to a rainy cold one.  So the best thing you can do for your closet right now is apply the 20/80 rule: keep 20% of your closet inventory as Summer and 80% Fall/Winter. 
2. Re-Purposing 
The 20/80 rule is also great advice for the notion of re-purposing. By re-purposing I mean taking a summer legging for example and pairing it with a Fall Blazer and booties, or leather jacket and pumps, instantly Fall-asizing it. This is especially cool if you don't have a lot of clothes to play with, or have a limited size closet, or simply you have those key Summer pieces that you love so much and can still squeeze a little life out of them. 
3. Lifestyle Check
The places we go to and the way we spend our time has changed. While standing at the helm of the season, take a realistic look at your lifestyle and make a list of the activities you for the most part know you'll be engaging in. Your closet has limited real-estate, so you'll really want to make good use of it. I like to create a quick table like this to help determine what clothes I'm going to keep in my closet for the season. 
For example:
Articles of Clothing  
Lifestyle %  
 Work From Home 
Blazers, Comfortable Pants, Camisoles 
Simple Jewellery 
Going Into Work 
Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Bodysuits, Leggings 
Heels, High-Heeled Boots, Jewellery, Tote Bags 
Jackets, Leggings, Bodysuits
Comfortable Shoes, Lower Heeled Boots, Cross Body Bags, Gloves and Scarves
Yoga Pants, Tanks 
Lounging At Home 
Track Suits, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Joggers 
Comfy Kicks, Slippers 
Nights Out 
Jackets, Long Sleeve Dresses, Leggings, Skirts, Jumpsuits, Bodysuits, Sparkle
High Heels, High-Heeled Boots, Nice Jewellery, Scarves, Favourite Purses 
Special Occasion 
Evening Dress, Jumpsuits
High Heels, Pashmina Scarves, Clutches 
 Once you lay it all out for yourself visually like this, you can more easily determine what to keep and what to store. 
4. Easy Storage 
So now you have a pile of remains: the Summer clothing that you need to store for the Fall/Winter season. When storing your clothing, you'll want to prevent your precious pieces from mould, moth holes, discolouration, and odour. Here's a quick checklist to follow in order to store your clothing in the best way possible:
  • WASH EVERYTHING FIRST - you'll want to make sure your clothing is free from bacteria and smells that might otherwise attract moths. Ensure your clothing is washed and completely dry before storing.
  • DRY CLEANING - If you take some pieces to the dry cleaners, make sure to remove the plastic before storing. You'll want your clothes to breathe during the long stored months.
  • SEASONAL STORAGE BOXES - The best way to store your summer clothing is to ensure they are properly packed with no chance of air seeping in. You can find an assortment of storage boxes with zipper-shut lids at your favourite online stores. I've provided a link here to some examples on Amazon that you might find useful.  Seasonal Storage Boxes on Amazon
Now you're off to a great start! Once your Summer to Fall/Winter closet transition is done, you'll be armed and ready for the season. 
Enjoy the process. You will love the results. 
Please feel free to e-mail me any comments or questions. 

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