Nesti Dante - Bio Natura - Blue Hyacinth

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Just like its namesake in Lombardy, this soap releases a fresh and uplifting fragrance that is reminiscent of the clear waters and breathtaking valleys of the lake. Inspired by a summer afternoon on Italy's beautiful Lake Como, where the sun’s reflections on the lake and the sensual scents of jasmine, crocus pistils and blue hyacinth create a perfect harmony.

For a healthy and ecological lifestyle. Bio Natura is a line of vegetal soaps that are made with high quality ingredients, selected without compromise. The vegetable oils used in the making of the soaps derived from eco-friendly, renewable plantations and the formulation is free of sulfates, surfactants, parabens, synthetic and mineral oils. It does not contain any allergens, EDTA and is a vegan-friendly line with no animal ingredients.