Rumours - Blue Light by Quay

Rumours - Blue Light by Quay

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See right through the RUMOURS. A standout injection plastic cat eye with metal nose bridge encompasses medium sized blue light lenses. Go neutral in transparent champagne frame or stay solid in a tortoise frame.

Colour: Champagne 

Keep your eyes in the clear with blue light lenses, featuring technology to assist with blocking potentially harmful (blue) HEV light from screens to help prevent headaches, blurry vision, and other symptoms of digital eye strain. Wear them when working on a laptop, watching TV, or scrolling the ‘gram to look good + feel good.

What is blue light?  

Blue light is the part of the visible light spectrum with the shortest wavelength and highest energy. It naturally occurs in sunlight, but we’re increasingly exposed to it through our fave tech gadgets. Electronics, such as phones and computers we use on the daily, give off blue light. As we’re exposed to more blue light, there have been serious concerns over its impact on our eye health, as it potentially causes eye strain, headaches, and blurry vision. Overexposure to blue light can even cause vision loss over time.  

When should I wear blue light glasses? 

Computer glasses can prevent symptoms of prolonged blue light exposure. This new development in eyewear technology filters out the blues and comes in handy during extensive screen time. To prevent eye strain, many babes put on blue light glasses when using their computers and phones. 

If you get a pair of blue light glasses for your daily grind, pack it along with your vacay essentials. Blue light glasses can also help with adjusting to jet lag when traveling to your fave destinations. Shielding your eyes from sun-strength rays can allow you to pre-adjust to a different time zone. 

NOW FEATURING RX-ABLE FRAMES—take them to your optometrist to get your prescription put in.

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